Medications are a combination of substances specially designed for relieving symptoms of disease. Active substances in the drugs may be: one or more. By origin drugs may be artificial or natural basis. When you develop illness sleduduet seek medical advice. When choosing medicinal stredstv should consult a specialist.

Medications are available in the following forms: tablets, syrups, suspensio, candles, ointments, Creams, powders, Liquid for injection, Rinses, aerosols.

When prescribing medication and choosing guided by the following principles:

Applicable standards of treatment, Efficacy and safety, Age of the patient, The presence of comorbidities, Factor pregnancy and lactation, The stereotype of the patient and his ability to pay cost, Known trademarks, Compliance with quality standards, Availability of information about clinical trials.

Releases the drug may prescription from a doctor, and without it. Depending on the type of disease and treatment areas, drugs are classified into the following types: Antibiotics - Azitsid, Augmetin. Antidepressants - Zoloft, Ixelles. Ear drops - Sofradeks, otipaks. From colds and flu - Wobenzym, Aflubin. Cough - ACC overslept. Nose drops - Tafen, Semaks. Sedatives - melaxen, Persia. Antipyretic - Fervex, Koldreks. Analeptics - Risdonal. Painkillers - Fermatron arthritis. Antifungal - Ginalgin, Nistatit. Anti-inflammatory - Epigenes, Arcoxia. Laxatives - Dufalac, Normase. From worms - Nemozol, Naksodzhin. Allergy - Ksizal, Zyrtec.

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