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At our pharmacy you can buy medications small wholesale by wire transfer to the registration of all necessary supporting documents. The treaty states of seller's liability for the authenticity and quality of the goods sold, matching them with the appropriate shelf life reserve, given that they may be some time, for example in a rural clinic, before it will be used by patients. We buy medicines and supplies small wholesale clinics, health centers, private offices, and even river boats, as well as the organization to maintain its industrial, office first aid kits to date. If you do not monitor the status of pharmacy post at a construction site, even if a complete set of medications in his medicine cabinet, past may have negative consequences for any or emergencies. Supplies and medicines (Wholesale) acquire the same village doctor offices. Now these surgeries, patients may not only be diagnosed and get a prescription, but also to get the appropriate remedy, without resorting to a pharmacy, which are often located many kilometers from the place of residence of the patient and the doctor's office in the absence of convenient transport links with the regional center, where there are pharmacies institutions.

Creating Original information technology, the original text descriptions of drugs active ingredients and pharmaceutical groups. Development, implementation and maintenance of a common language of communication in the field of drug supply (dictionaries and classifiers).

Coming to a pharmacy with a prescription from a doctor and examining drugs in the window, unwittingly wondered why one drug is worth twice the price of the other, although the active component is the same? Almost every drug there are analogues: structure identical names a little different, but the prices vary considerably. Those that are cheaper - is generic. So call the reproduced original counterpart funds. These include more than 70% of pharmaceuticals. Most analogues are not inferior to the originals on the efficacy and safety.

Each of us periodically uses the services of pharmaceutical establishments, and drugs are consistently high consumer demand. Unfortunately, like many other products, medical products often fall into the category of scarce, which significantly complicates the process of search and acquisition. Besides daily rounds of all the local pharmacies hardly included in the plans of the modern working man. Rich and regularly replenished range, easy to find and purchase affordable prices and delivery - is the distinctive features of the modern online store. Today in these virtual retail establishments can purchase any goods, including drugs and other medical products.

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