The Lady of the Mansion, directed by Azizullah Hamid Nejad and producer Majid Mullaei, is a melodrama 36 part of the 45-minute romance of the historical period of the Qajar period.


The story tells the romantic melodrama of the historical period of the Qajar period, which in its lower layers addresses the social and political conditions of that time.

This is a series of celebrities of cinema and television, a collection of famous actors in the series.

Pantea Panahi, Alireza Shojaa Nouri, Andisheh Fouladvand, Ghazal Shakeri, Arash Majidi, Ramin Khodapanahi, Sirus Meyman, Hessam


Shannam Farshadjo, Mina Vahid, Nikki Nasirian, Mehtaj Njumi, Saleh Mirza Aghaei, Ehsan Amani, Mohammad Fili, Fereydoun Sorani, Hassan Sarakhai, Ahmad Yavari


Maryam Momen, Pavan Afsar, Mehri Al Agha, Sadegh Malek, Majid Sa’idi and Saeed Bahr al-‘Alumi are among the actors in this TV series.



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